Region V LIM

February 27, 2020
6:00 PM to 12:00 PM
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Shell Island Resort
2700 N Lumina Ave
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

Region Meeting

Our region meeting will begin Thursday evening with a reception from 7-9 pm. Full day of sessions on Friday with dinner and reception on Friday night featuring special sessions for chapter presidents and first time attendees. Half day of sessions on Saturday with opportunity to participate in service project or golf outing.

*Accommodations have been pre-arranged for Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan diets. Please advise if there are any other special dietary requirements.

Overall Agenda


7—9                                     Welcome Reception. Thank you to PMI Leadership Institute for sponsoring this reception. Oceanfront Ballroom


8—9                                     First Timers Breakfast with Sarah Maxwell & Jennifer Baker. Palm Room

                                             All Hands Breakfast with John Rush & Desiree Proudfit. Oceanfront Ballroom

9—1115                               Workshop for Finance, Governance & Administration (Taking chapter finances, fiduciary responsibility and management accountability to the next level).

Facilitators: John Rush & Steve DelGrosso. Waterway Room

                                            Workshop for Membership, Programs & Professional Development (Providing member value through chapter offerings, user member data to inform chapter offerings)

Facilitators: Dom Lepore & Mark Cichonski. Palm Room

                                            Workshop for Membership, Communications, Marketing & Technology (Marketing In & Out of your membership, Digital Marketing & Communication Channels

Facilitator: AJ Filipas & Uma Hiremagular. Oceanfront Ballroom

                                            Workshop for Executive Leaders AKA the President's Meeting (Annual planning, Chapter Collaboration, Maximizing the chapter experience, P&P)

Facilitators: Sarah Maxwell & Jennifer Baker. Sunset Room.

1130—130                          Lunch with AJ Filipas & John Rush (PMI/CHIT Message). Oceanfront Ballroom

145—215                            Digital Transformation update. Jennifer Baker. Oceanfront Ballroom.

                                            PMI Tool Time. Sarah Maxwell. Waterway Room.

                                            How to engage local Military (Active Duty & Veterans Groups). Mark Cichonski.   Sunset Room

                                            Using Social Media & 3rd Party applications to promote chapter events. Uma Hiremagular. Palm Room        

230—3                                Chapter Branding. AJ Filipas. Oceanfront Ballroom. 

                                            PMIEF. Desiree Proudfit. Palm Room

                                            Virtual Meetings. Sarah Maxwell. Sunset Room

                                            Planning for the Future. Thinking strategically about the bigger, long term picture. John Rush & Steve DelGrosso. Waterway Room.

315—345                            Membership Engagement Strategies. Sarah Maxwell. Oceanfront Ballroom

                                            How chapters deal with emerging opportunities and disruptions. Yogi Muthuswamy & Atul Perez-de-Silva. Waterway Room.

                                            Sponsorship. Jennifer Baker. Sunset Room

                                            What do Members Want? (How to Conduct Market Research). David Mantica. Palm Room

4—430                                REP Program Update. AJ Filipas & John Rush. Sunset Room

                                            Disciplined Agile Update—Dom Lepore. Oceanfront Ballroom

                                            Pairing Students & Retirees for Mentorship Opportunities. Jennifer Baker. Waterway Room.

                                            PMPBOK v7 Update. John Rush. Palm Room

445—515                            PMI Leader’s Panel Discussion: What can we do for you? Oceanfront Ballroom

630—830                            Awards Reception sponsored by MG2 Media and Soft Ed. Oceanfront Ballroom

                                           Dinner & Awards Ceremony. Oceanfront Ballroom


8—830                                Breakfast. Oceanfront Ballroom

830—1                                Leadership Workshop with Bianca Capo. Oceanfront Ballroom

                                           (Lunch is served in the last hour)

1—5                                   Golf Outing—PMI Leader: John Rush

                                           Beach Sweep—PMI Leader: Jennifer Baker          



$250.00 Chapter Leader Registration

$50.00 Thursday Dinner Guest

$50.00 Friday Dinner Guest

$0.00 Metrolina Registration (ONLY)