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Our presenter is Dan Phillips, the Director of Grid Modernization PMO & Risk Management at Duke Energy. He is also responsible for Process Compliance within the PMO. He will discuss how the portfolio assesses risk and take questions from the attendees.

This is a virtual session that will discuss managing risk within a project portfolio. The meeting information including the presentation and bridge line will be sent to meeting attendees at noon on the day of the session. The deadline to register for this session is noon on November 17th. To register, click here.

Becoming a Person of Influence

As project managers, we are all too familiar with the problem of being accountable for things where we don’t have any power over, right?

How much easier would it be if we just had the power to tell people “do it or else!?” The reality is that we don’t (and likely won’t) have the formal positional power to make people do things. In fact, even if we did, using positional power gets compliance, but not great performance.

This is further complicated by the fact that most of us didn’t set out to be project managers - we were experts in some other field when our boss said “I’d like to have you work on this project management thing….”

Just as the PMBOK gives us a great framework to get projects done, there is another body of knowledge about how to influence others.  In this workshop, we will be tackling some of the essential components of how to effectively influence people who don’t report to us. To register for this event, click here.

Vounteer Event: Second Harvest Food Bank

More details about Second Harvest:

SHFBM is the largest hunger fighting agency in 19 counties of North and South Carolina. Last year, we distributed over 45 million pounds of food and grocery items to individuals in need through our over 650 partner agencies. Volunteers help us sort, inspect and pack food and other items for distribution to people at risk of hunger. Last year over 47,000 volunteers donated over 132,000 hours and there was still work to be done. One hour of your time provides the Food Bank with $21.79 in labor savings. To register for this event, click here.

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