Go Pink PMI Metrolina…. This month, the PMI Metrolina website is Going Pink!  We are supporting the men and women who are diagnosed every second with breast cancer.  That is correct, MEN and WOMEN.  This disease does not discriminate among the genders although we do hear more about the women who are afflicted with this year after year.  It is time we stop the heartache and start lending a helping hand – no matter what form that comes in…..

Join Komen Charlotte in the fight to end breast cancer. You can donate your time or resources or host a fundraiser. You can know your normal and encourage those around you to know theirs. You can be a listening ear and strong shoulder to family and friends who are in the battle. And you can be an inspiration and tell your story as a survivor. There is a place for you in this fight. Your dollar might be the one that ultimately finds one of the cures. Your presentation might encourage a listener to get a mammogram and find her cancer at an earlier stage. We’re here to partner with you.

PMI Metrolina will be participating in Race for the Cure Charlotte on October 3rd, 2015.  We have a team, PMI Metrolina Project Managers for a Cure and all members, friends, family and pets are welcome to join us walking or come to cheer us on as we walk.  Donations to our page are most welcome as we are attempting to reach a monetary goal.

To share a personal story, my sorority sister Michelle was the life of the party!  She lit up the room when she walked in and turned eyes, and how could she not as she was over 6 feet tall with long brown hair and large round blue eyes.  I loved being around her and just felt happy when we would hang out together.  People would joke since I am not even 5 feet tall…. We were an odd looking pair, but as pledge sisters, we did a lot together, joined a lot of the same clubs on campus and lived together in an apartment.  One day I came home and my “secret puppy” (not allowed to have them in the sorority house) was missing and of course, walked into Michelle’s room and she was hiding him in her arms! Anyway, to say the least, she was the all-star of people!  When she was 29, she felt a lump and asked her dr for a mammogram and he insisted she was too young and that as you get older, your tissue consistency changes.  She asked for 2 years before finally getting one…. At that point, it was too late. For 5 years, Michelle battle her cancer and fought with great strength and dignity – never giving up and on the last day, merely “passing us the torch” with a final “Michelle-ism” which is to “Eat life with a big spoon!”  So every year, come rain, shine, hip surgery or whatnot, I walk in the Race for the Cure, raise money, time, and effort – and hopefully can encourage some of you along the way to do whatever you can for those around you and to never take no for an answer…. I know I don’t!

So if you are so inclined… meet the team in front of the Le Meridian Hotel (formerly The Blake) on the corner of E Martin Luther King and S McDowell and walk with us the 3 miles! Or you can DONATE TO OUR TEAM!  Any small amount will be helpful as we try to reach our goals!!!

Thank you for your support!

Dani Beckman, VP Marketing

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