PMI Metrolina Chapter Election Update

Election for 2016 Board of Directors - Call for Nominations

Election time for the 2016 Board of Directors is here. The 2016 nominating committee is announcing the call for nominations. If you are interested and eligible for a board position, now is the time to submit your bio and the position you seek, to prior to midnight, June 26. In accordance to the Chapter bylaws, the following positions will be elected for the 2016 Board of Directors: The President, The Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Membership, and Vice President of Programs.

In July, the slate of candidates will be announced in the Chapter meeting and via the newsletter. The election is in August, and results are announced in September. Details for each elected role can be found in the latest Chapter Handbook in section 3.

Who is Eligible?
A candidate for a Vice President position must either be a current Vice President or be a current appointed chairperson in Good Standing. The term of office for Vice Presidents is two (2) years. To be a candidate for President, a chapter member must be a current Vice President in Good Standing and have served a minimum of one (1) term as a Vice President. The term of office for the President position is two (2) consecutive years. The President may serve no more than 2 consecutive terms as the President on the Board.

What is the timeline?
  June – Call for Nominations due by midnight June 26, 2015
  July – Announce slate of Candidates. 
  August – Election. 
  September – Announce results.

What do I need to do to run?
Each nominee must submit a short biography (no more than 250 words for each statement) along with a current photo for publication in the July newsletter and with the election ballot. Bios are to be submitted no later than midnight on June 26. All candidates for election are subject to the same requirements.

PMI Metrolina Chapter Election Update

The election for the 2016 Board of Directors will be open from August 3rd through August 23rd.  Only chapter members will be eligible to vote and will receive an email from PMI with a unique login and password to vote. If you have questions or do not receive the email from PMI, please contact  

The nominees are as follows:

President Jennifer Baker, PfMP, PgMP, PMP
VP Membership Ronda Elsea, PMP
VP Programs Jessica Lagoy, PMP
VP Administration           John Rush IV, PMP, PMI-PBA


Please click on the link below to read the bios of each candidate:
• PMI Metrolina Chapter Board of Directors - 2016 Slate of Candidates

What is the timeline?
August 3 to 23 - Election.
September - Announcement of results.

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