PMIEF Virtual Teacher Training Pilot

Virtual Teacher Training Pilot

The PMIEF is piloting a Virtual Teacher Training program and is looking for teachers to participate.

Content: Basics of Project Management, Project-Based Learning Techniques and the Project Management Teacher Toolkit™
When: July 8 – 31, 2014
Availability: First Come Basis
Where: Virtual, On-line
Length of Course: 15 Hours, Self-Paced
Delivery Method: Combination of Asynchronous and Synchronous Virtual Training

Interested Teachers Should Contact:
Diane Fromm,

• PMIEF Virtual Teacher Training

Chapter Mentoring Program (rebooted)

PMI Metrolina Chapter is rebooting its mentoring program! The goal of the program is to create a mutually beneficial environment to positively share education, wisdom, and career experiences with another individual that can benefit from the direct and personal interaction. Most of the events will be offered in a webinar format, along with some special in-person events. This type of meeting will allow for a mentoring circle approach where one expert will be available to the participants to answer questions and develop knowledge. To learn more about the program, please go to Connect > Mentoring off the menu bar or click below:
• Mentoring Program

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