Election for 2014 Board of Directors - Call for Nominations

Election time for the 2014 Board of Directors is here. The 2014 nominating committee is announcing the call for nominations. If you are interested and eligible for a board position, now is the time to submit your bio and position you are interested to 2014nominatingcommittee@pmi-metrolina.com prior to midnight, June 21. In July, the slate of candidates will be announced in the Chapter meeting and via the newsletter.  The election is in August, and results are announced in September. Details for each elected role can be found in the latest Chapter Handbook in section 3.

Who is Eligible?
Terms of office for Vice Presidents shall be one year and no elected officer may serve more than 3 consecutive terms on the Board in the same role. A candidate for a Vice President position must serve a minimum one year term as an appointed chairperson or volunteer in order to be considered for election as a Vice President. Terms of office for all Officers shall be 1 year, limited to 5 consecutive terms on the Board in general. For President, the candidate must have served a minimum one year term on the board as a Vice President in the last 3 years.

What is the timeline?
June – Call for Nominations due by midnight June 21
July – Announce slate of Candidates
August – Election
September – Announce results

What do I need to do to run?
Each nominee must submit a short biography (no more than 250 words for each statement) for publication in the July newsletter and with the election ballot. Bios are to be submitted no later than midnight June 21. All candidates for election are subject to the same requirements.

Mentoring Program

PMI Metrolina Chapter wants to provide avenues for members to get to network and grow professionally by developing contacts in the industry. The mentoring program is a great way for the chapter to provide this opportunity. The program not only benefits the mentees but the mentors as well. Mentoring provides a great way to give back to the project management profession. It gives participants the opportunity to grow their network while at the same time earning PDUs!

The mentoring relationship will be conducted between the mentor/mentee pairs and their meeting frequency and schedule will be agreed upon at the beginning of the program. The partners will then conduct their meetings, give one another feedback and rate the overall program. The chapter will provide training in March on how to have an effective mentoring relationship. The time commitment will be up to the mentoring pair. The chapter will also support the mentoring pairs with an online discussion forum. Please help us kick off this rewarding program. Regardless of your career level, you may participate as a mentor or mentee.

You can visit the PMI Metrolina Chapter Mentoring Program for more information and to register to be a mentor or mentee. Once you sign up, you can check back for updates or we will contact you to complete the next step in the process. For more information regarding mentoring contact Mark Cichonski at mark@4cchangepartners.com.

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