Military Liaison Program

The PMI-Metrolina Military Liaison program is now live!  PMI has a focus on providing services to our military members.  Late last year, a Director was found who designed a program for the chapter.  Given our footprint, there are 10 military installations and over 135,000 active duty and 140,000 retires.  Our approach is to have local liaisons from each branch at the particular military installation.  So far, we have liaisons for the Army at Ft. Bragg, Marines at Camp Lejune, and Air Force for Pope Army Airfield and Seymour Johnston.  These liaisons are using our program materials to create location-specific materials to provide to interested people.  We are focusing on :

  • active duty personnel by providing PMP type support,
  • separating military by providing Project Management career guidance and support,
  • and networking opportunities for retirees.

The liaisons are also working with our local communities to help provide support for events and activities focused on the military.

If you are active duty or retired military and interested in supporting this program, reach out to the for more information.


Many varied opportunities are available to help with several related, community-oriented service and media projects created by Harvard University veterans' advocate and filmmaker Paula J. Caplan.

Her book, When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home: All of Us Can Help Veterans which won three top national awards for nonfiction and gave rise to her Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project (WJJH). WJJH is simple but powerful. It has two goals: (1) To reduce veterans' isolation from their wider communities and (2) To reduce the military illiteracy of most nonveterans by creating a listening session in which the nonveteran truly just listens to whatever the veteran wishes to say.

Harvard Kennedy School research has shown that veterans describe having just one such session as extremely helpful in a huge variety of ways and that the listeners say the experience was transformative for them in positive ways.

Ways to become involved:

  • Nonveterans and/or veterans can set up anything from a tiny to a large chapter of WJJH. Dr. Caplan and her colleagues provide information and suggestions.
  • Fundraise for WJJH to enable much-needed outreach throughout the U.S. (and eventually, to other countries that have militaries).
  • Assist with updating and/or even redesigning the website.
  • Assist with letting people know about WJJH through social media.
  • Organize a free, public screenings of the multi-award winning, 50-minute documentary "Is Anybody Listening?" that Dr. Caplan produced and that veterans describe with these words: "THIS is what I want my loved ones -- and the nation -- to know!" and that nonveterans describe as humanizing veterans for them. The film screenings can stand on their own or serve as introductions to individuals and communities wishing to start WJJH in their areas.
  • Help promote the Telly Award winning "Listen to a Veteran!" Public Service Announcements in the local media market.
  • Help with fundraising, social media, and/or website design for a new project, a wonderful documentary called "Isaac Pope: The Spirit of an American Century," by the same team that made the award winning "Is Anybody Listening?" Isaac Pope is a 99-year-old man living in Kinston, NC, who served in the first Black unit allowed to go into battle in World War II and received a Presidential Citation for their work.
  • Get trained and become a listener for a veteran in your community.

For more information, contact Dr. Caplan directly at

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