Veterans Transition Event

The chapter hosted an extremely well received Veteran's Transition event for veterans interested in learning about project management or about PMI.  The event attracted 50 participants from all branches of the military, active, guard/reserve and retired.  Attendees left with ammo to further their transition to project management along with a significant number of new networking members.

The need for mentors to help translate experience and skills into civilian lingo continues to be a challenge for veterans. The chapter's Veteran Outreach will be rolling out our Mentoring program later this year. Additionally, CPCC purchased books from our guest speaker, Jay Hick, "The Transitioning Military Project Manager" for all attendees.This book helps to translate the military experiences into the project management lingo. A valuable resource during transition. Given the tremendous support and favorable responses, we will start planning our next event.

A big thank-you to all our supporters: TIAA, CPCC, UNCC, Sherpa, Duke Energy, Patriots Path, and Mecklenburg County Veteran Assistance.

Along with our supporters, the chapter needs to recognize the team of volunteers that planned and executed this event: Richard Sabedra, Carmen Scott, Lou Ramos, Michael DiCicco, Debra Donaldson, Pete Oliver, and Craig Marek. The links below are to the presentations provided at the event.

If you have questions, please reach out to Rick Sabedra, the chapter's Military Liaison Director.


Military Outreach

Program Purpose

Establish a program and supporting structure to engage with military members to promote PMI, the chapter, the community, and the benefits they provide.

North Carolina is home to 10 military installations of various sizes.  As of 2015, there are approximately:

     •  135,600 active military
     •  144,500 retired military
     •  25,000 civilian employees 

With a large number of military members in North Carolina, coupled with a Reduction in Forces (RIF) over the next 5 years, the number of military members looking for work upon separation will increase.

Program Approach

There are two primary audiences this program must address:

     •  Active duty, guard, and reserve
     •  Separating and retired

For active duty audiences, our focus will include:

     •  PM Training
     •  Certification
     •  TAPS participation 

For separating and retired audiences, we will focus on:

     •  Certification Training
     •  Job search skills 
     •  Job searching via networking and Skillfest-like events


Army Ft. Bragg
Air Force Seymour Johnson
Marines Camp Lejeune
Navy Charlotte
Military Liaison Director



TOOLS and Services for Veterans.

PMI is launching a US-wide initiative, in partnership with the VA and other government organizations, a veteran focused program.  Details will be on PMI.Org soon. 

We have secured a date and location for our Veteran Transition Event!  The event will be March 25th, at TIAA, 8500 Andrew Carnegie Blvd, Charlotte.  The times are still WIP but it is intended to go something like 9-3 with lunch provided.  This will be a FREE event for veterans and active duty or guard or reserve members, looking for assistance in transitioning. 

We wanted to start providing some information on some of the resources available to veterans. Patriots’ Path and NC Works are two excellent resources for Veterans. The attached is a flyer from NC Works on the services they provide. 

Lastly, we need a name for our newsletter.  Any thoughts? Send them to us at the email below. 

If you are active duty, National Guard, Reserves, or retired military and interested in supporting this program, reach out to the for more information.


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